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Bedrock4AI is a premium Educational Technology company founded by Firdaus Fraz    . She is an ex-IT professional who has played a technology leadership role in companies like Oracle and Simeio Systems.

Based on the increasing popularity of Coding or Computer Programming, a lot of graduate and postgraduate students work on mastering their coding skills, by joining courses, signing up for certification exams and so forth. But our focus here @Bedrock4AI is, on the children who are in preteen or teenage phase, i.e. studying in schools, grades 6 and above. It is essential for these young children to work on their coding skills and also learn to apply these skills to strategic technology like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Coding inculcates skills like – Logical and Creative thinking, problem-solving with a fresh perspective, patience and perseverance. Considering A.I., any field today or in future will be leveraging it. If young kids start exploring A.I. early, they can build a solid foundation of relevant concepts like Mathematics, Coding, and become future experts in A.I., build quantum computers of the next generation. Studying Maths for A.I. helps you understand its practical and real-world application. Needless to say, A.I.-based practical exposure and project work will help children build an impressive profile for future college admissions.

An ideal course should comprise of a comprehensive curriculum that starts ground up and gradually grows the bedrock of relevant concepts of algorithm design, coding, mathematics, data analysis and data science in a child’s brain. This is exactly the purpose of courses available at Bedrock4AI. Even C.B.S.E. is working on the same pattern by introducing A.I. as a skill subject (check details) so that a child can study it from Grade 8 to Grade 12, investing 5 precious years. ​Watch the following video to understand more about our overall thought process related to Coding and A.I. courses and do visit the rest of this website to understand and engage more with us.

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