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Most of the other companies just focus centrally on teaching the syntax of programming language to students, without focusing enough on the best practices of coding. They focus a lot on proving that they can enable young kids build flashy applications and games, without realizing that for acquiring real coding expertise, a child first needs to learn how to debug a simple piece of code that is failing, troubleshooting techniques need to be understood based on error messages getting thrown on the program runtime console, how an algorithm should be properly designed considering all possible test cases, even before starting to write the code. 

In Bedrock4AI, through our courses, we focus heavily on setting up the basic foundation of relevant concepts in younger students. Not only we teach technology and syntax of a programming language, but we inculcate in our students, a perfect aptitude and methodology of coding with all best practices.

  • We teach kids to be independent, setup their installation env by working on open source technologies.

  • We influence our students to execute in the right way, with proper best practices, starting by designing the algorithm with identified well thought through test cases, learning to debug and troubleshoot logically based on the types of errors that code is running into, and so forth. Adjacent videos are a few examples that you can refer to understand this important aspect.

  • Quite frequently, our students work as a team in collaboration, on small interesting projects. Adjacent videos are a few examples that clearly demonstrate this aspect.

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